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How to get to 1st page on google in hours

How to get to 1st page on google in hours
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Once you see the video below, you will ask yourself, how could I possible do business without it. If you had a crystal ball that could tell you the BEST keywords to focus on that are easy targets for 1st page Google rankings, would that be powerful? You bet it would.

The most important reason why you want to get first page rankings is that you want to be visible to everyone that will need your product/service. Google, for example, is the #1 search engine and it provides for almost 12 billion searches a month. Approximately 1.17 billion unique searchers use it every month. It’s the number 1 search engine used in the US. It gets 67.5% of the US search market, and a whopping 87.1% of the mobile search market. 

And if you are in business, you should also know that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.  
And the key to receiving traffic through Google is to gain first page rankings, because first page websites get 91.5% of Google traffic. Most people just don’t really bother going beyond the first page. If your website’s on the second page you only get to share 4.8% of the traffic along with all other websites on the page. With page 3, it shrinks lower to 1.1%. 

Three simple steps to first page ranking on google


Here’s The Proof How Our 3 Step “Push Traffic” Software Works for Your Business

Have You Heard Any Of The Nasty Rumors About Getting Top Rankings In The Search Engines?
  • SEO is dead
  • It’s harder than ever to get 1st page rankings
  • Trying to get 1st page rankings is just a waste of time
  • Only the ‘big boys’ can get 1st page rankings
  • It takes weeks or even months to rank for most keywords
  • Even if you can get a 1st page ranking, it’s almost impossible to keep it…

The Good News Is… NONE Of That Is True…

…and SEO is FAR from dead…

It’s alive and well, and there’s NEVER been a bigger opportunity to rank on the 1st page of Google than there is RIGHT NOW!

In fact, when you know what you’re doing, getting top rankings in the search engines is THE most powerful ways to get high-quality traffic online.

When you can rank on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords, not only can you get a lot of traffic…

…but that traffic is some of the highest-converting traffic you’ll have get.

Think about it…

When someone enters a search phrase in Google… they are ACTIVELY looking for something…

And when what they find is YOU, it’s easy to write your own check…

Hi there… Peter drew here with Craig Crawford.

This is Peter, I’ve been working online now, for quite some time! In fact, I’ve been marketing online before Google EVEN EXISTED – I’ve done search engine optimization before then too… So i’ve ALWAYS been ahead of Google.

Every step of the way…

I’ve generated multiple 8 figures online within my business using SEO are the forefront of it. SEO in my eyes is the biggest winner you can possibly have in online marketing.

It’s not just highly beneficial, it’s FREE!

I’ve partnered with Craig Crawford, who on average has consistently been generting 7 figures online, each and every year…

We’ve been discussing methods of marketing using YT & Google.. The TWO Biggest search engines in existence…

We were talking about how we could merge the two in some way… 

That got us to thinking…

“How Can We Make Finding Quality Keywords And Getting 1st Page Search Engine Rankings An EXACT Science?