A visit to Downtown Whitby or Downtown Brooklin is an opportunity to savour a culinary adventure with tastes from around the world, and to discover distinctive shops and services in two charming Downtowns.

Downtown Whitby and Downtown Brooklin offer a wide array of restaurants, clothing stores, entertainment facilities, health and wellness providers, financial services and home furnishings. Upscale or casual dining establishments, fashion boutiques, cafés, studios, sports stores, and more offer a variety of products and services.

Over 470 businesses are located in Downtown Whitby – the “heart of the town”. Stroll along the verandas of Pearson Lanes (Brock and Mary Streets), a unique development of historical homes that house individual boutiques, or dine in Downtown Brooklin for an opportunity to learn about its rich history and heritage.

The following resources can assist in making your next shopping or dining experience a memorable one:

Experience Our Downtowns – Whitby & Brooklin Magazine – a bi-annually, cooperative publication that advertises businesses in the Downtown cores:

For previous editions please contact the Sustainability, Heritage, Downtowns and Community Development Division of the Planning and Development Department. Community Calendar – a searchable, online calendar for events in downtown Whitby and Brooklin


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